Bert Mulder verzorgt keynote tijdens RehabMove congres op 12 december

Geplaatst op 10 dec 2018

Bert Mulder verzorgt woensdag 12 december 2019 een keynote tijdens het RehabMove congres in Groningen over de toekomst van de revalidatie en haalt hier FAST@HOME als voorbeeld in aan:

In the coming years organizations and professionals in rehabilitation will be confronted with the urgency to change. The reason is found in the demographic development in many countries paired with the increasing use of digital solutions bij patients and professionals. The presentation will outline specific digital developments as a necessary strategic development for rehabilitation. It does that by reporting the results of the Dutch Fast@Home project that aimed to create a digital rehabilitation environment in de patients’ home to support patients faced with the necessity to take more responsibility for their own rehabilitation. The results of the project show an outline of a ‘national digital architecture for rehabilitation’ with the different functionalities that will contain and the standards that will be necessary to support it. Such an architecture would be the strategic context for all current and coming e-health and e-rehabilitation developments in many countries and require professionals to align their own developments.